Share UFO Stories

Every month we gather as a group of UFO enthusiasts, researchers, explorers and curious minds sharing our stories, learning and discussing all things UFO. Adventures such as Sasquatch, the Paranormal or other wordly phenomena welcome!

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The Mission of our Texas UFO Meetings in San Antonio
Our Mission

San Antonio Mufon recognizes that in order to be an active group it must not only have a presence in the community, but provide a service to it. Here you will find where we meet for the gathering of UFO and ET discussions.

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UFO Videos & More

Take a journey around the world, explore videos on Ufo's, ET's, abductees, contactees and more! Watch scholarly interviews, radio shows, podcasts, meetings, evolved technologies, paranormal, metaphysical and other wonders from brilliant minds.

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ufo meetings
UFO Sightings Today

Live Texas UFO Sightings currently reported and updated daily. View UFO cases reported around the world with MUFON and inspect the details of information, video footage and personal imgs of encounters.

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  • Mufon Leaders

    Walter Andrus Jr. Appreciation

    Founding Member of MUFON, has been honored with The San Antonio Mufon Community Service Award. His dedication and innovative intuitions has kept Mufon alive and strong and we will forever be grateful. You will find this page updating periodically as we dedicate it to him and his ascension September 16, 2015.