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John Morley | Bigfoot - Sasquatch | January 24, 2012
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Happy New Year Everyone 
~And Greetings fellow sky watchers~

John F. Morley
Independent Biologist | Bigfoot Researcher



This month we have a very special guest and a fellow searcher of the unknown, Mr. John Morley. 

Mr. Morley's vocation has involved 21 years of military service to our country and various private sector post military employments.  However, his avocation for the past 7 years has been in the pursuit of the biological human-like being we often call... Sasquatch. The search for the unknown is Mufon's passion, and we are honored to have one of our colleagues in this mission present to our group.


Sasquatch (Bigfoot) Meeting Images





 About John Morley

  • Grew up in the woods of north east Texas, great interest and love for wildlife and the environment.
  • Graduated University of Texas at Arlington with B.S. in biology, minor in geology. Later completed requirements for M.A. in Communications and Human Relations.
  • Joined the USAF in Dec. 1962. Served in both command and staff positions. Served in an intelligence organization for12 years, two years of which was with the Command Inspector General's Office. Retired after 21 years as a Lieutenant Colonel. 
  • Worked in several fields of the private sector until complete retirement in 2003. Began sasquatch research in early 2005. Joined a Texas based research organization in 2006 and was appointed a regional director responsible for investigations of sighting reports in 20 counties in north east Texas.
  • Using the principles of scientific discovery and my own experiences, I began to formalize my belief that sasquatch are very human-like beings, not ape-like creatures.
  • Resigned from Texas organization over policy disagreements and their failure to recognize the evident biological nature of sasquatch.
  • Presently conducting field research on both public and private land in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Research is self-funded.
  • Currently writing a book defining the scientific nature of sasquatch. 

Enjoy the videos about bigfoot and Sasquatch

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